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In the Godfather Movies, Who’s King of the Kingpins? Brando, Pacino, or Duvall?


The Godfather saga has as much conflict as some Thanksgiving dinners, but the drama that takes place in the Corleone clan is infinitely more compelling. (Hence all those Oscars.) Get into the Godfather spirit with a no-holds-barred showdown that pits eight Godfather mafiosi mano a mano. Would you back the favorite son, Michael (Al Pacino), or his father, Vito (Marlon Brando)? Got a soft spot for Sonny (James Caan), or are you putting all your money on consigliere extraordinaire Tom Hagan (Robert Duvall)? Now’s the time to make a case for your top gangster. Go ahead. Answer the question: Who is the true don of the Godfather universe?


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