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Photos – Zombies That Look Like Corpses, Strippers and Clowns

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They’re dead, they’re all messed up, and they might just be your neighbors. Which means you may have to deal with zombies from time to time, and, contrary to what movies like 28 Days Later…, Dawn of the Dead, and others too numerous to name would suggest, there’s more variety in the zombie community than the distinction between fast brain-eaters and slow brain-eaters. Some zombies are mindless drones, but some are children, nudists, activists — heck, some are even strippers. In the spirit of opening minds (metaphorically speaking, of course), come meet some of the zombies who might pass through your town, work in your area, or even move in down the block, from the most dangerous to the, well, still dangerous but not as much so. And remember: good fences make good neighbors. Especially if they’re topped with razor wire and electrified.


AMC Fearfest begins on Mon., Oct. 18, at 8PM | 7C, with Friday the 13th and continues with horror movies right up to the world premiere of The Walking Dead, on Sun., Oct. 31, at 10PM | 9C.

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