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Buying a Home? Take a Haunted House Tour From The Shining to The Others to The Orphanage

Looking to take advantage of the real-estate market and purchase a home? Be careful: you never know which dwellings come with bloodstains, bad Karma, and unquiet specters who make themselves known at the damnedest times. Take the Overlook Hotel of The Shining for example: the hotel seems the ultimate in rustic charm and just the kind of place where Jack (Jack Nicholson) can settle down and write his novel, but he’s as likely to get snowed in and stranded among a variety of haunting spirits as he is to finish that book. This Sat., Oct. 9, at 4:30PM | 3:30C, catch The Shining as part of AMC’s Crazy About Stephen King marathon of terrifying King movies, starting with Graveyard Shift, at 12:30PM | 11:30C. And if you’re in the market for a new house, beware: you never know what spirits live inside the stately manor with the bargain asking price. Before you buy, take this tour of some of the creepiest dwellings in movie history, because you wouldn’t want to live — or die — in these movie haunted houses.


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