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This Halloween, Be William Shatner or Michael Caine for Under $25

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Are you a cheapskate? Don’t be ashamed — it’s tough out there, and people have to pinch every possible penny. You might be thinking that an empty wallet is going to put a big damper on your Halloween celebrations, but I’m here to tell you that doesn’t have to be the case. It’s possible to put together a horror-movie-themed costume on the cheap — under $25. Don’t thank me: it’s all in the spirit of Halloween, which is truly the most wonderful time of the year. Actually, I do like Reese’s Pieces, so if any end up in your plastic pumpkin after you’ve tricked and/or treated toss them my way and we’ll call it even. Impress your friends and your financial adviser with these cheap horror costumes.

Naked Zombies, Night of the Living Dead
night-of-the-living-dead-naked-zombie.jpgEveryone loves zombies, right? Right. Paying homage to one of the greatest zombie films of all time is as cheap and easy as taking off all your clothes. Ladies, dress up as Night of the Living Dead‘s famous fresh-out-of-the-morgue zombie by stripping down to naught but a toe tag. You’ll get endless attention from the menfolk (though it might not be positive), take slutty Halloween costumes to a whole new level, and save a ton of money. What’s the downside?
Cost: Free. (Please note: fines for public indecency may reduce the cost-effectiveness of the costume.)

Jim (Cillian Murphy), 28 Days Later…
28-days-later-cillian.jpgFellas, you can go nude as well — and surely you want to — dressing up as Jim, who, at the start of 28 Days Later…, wakes up sans clothes in a hospital bed. Don’t worry about your looks: you’re just not as good-looking or chiseled as Murphy, but the ladies love confidence. Besides, you can use the money you save by not having to purchase a costume to buy a gift for any woman you may meet.
Cost: Free. (Please note: fines for public indecency may reduce the cost-effectiveness of the costume.)

Human Victim, Squirm
squirm-125.jpgThe victims of Squirm are pretty gross — and they should be, as their town is besieged by piles of carnivorous worms — making their look a perfect costume. But covering yourself with earthworms would be disgusting — and expensive. Shortcut alert: cover yourself with spaghetti. It’s slightly less disgusting, far less expensive, and way more delicious. Not only will you impress your friends with creativity, but when the party runs our of munchies you’re costume becomes an edible hit.
Cost: $1.50 for spaghetti.

Mrs. Pamela Voorhees (Betsy Palmer), Friday the 13th
Head to a thrift store and get a gray cable-knit sweater. Put it on and voilà: you’re the homicidal Mrs. Voorhees. Irritate friends by constantly repeating “Kill her, mommy! Kill her!” in a high-pitched voice. Halfway through the night, smear dirt on the sweater: now you’re Ginny Field from Part 2, who dons the sweater to fool Jason into thinking his mom’s still alive. Two for the (negligible) price of one. Who knew sweaters could be so versatile?
Cost: $10 for a sweater at a thrift store.

The Butcher (Lon Chaney Jr.), Indestructible Man
indestructable-man.jpgWho doesn’t want to be the Butcher, a criminal sent to the gas chamber and returned from the dead to exact revenge as an indestructible man. Don’t worry; it’s not complicated. All you need is a big coat and a fine patina of sweat (which is a side effect of overcrowded parties anyway). The best part is that the Butcher is resurrected as a mute, so you don’t even have to memorize quotations to stay in character. Just stand around in your coat, glower, and sweat.
Cost: $15 for a very old coat at a thrift store.

Jonathan Lansdale (Michael Caine), The Hand
the-hand-125.jpgEver wanted to be Caine for Halloween but didn’t think his roles were scary enough? Fret no longer. The Hand stars Caine as Lansdale, an artist who loses his hand, which comes crawling back with murderous intent. Make it work by pulling your right hand up into your shirtsleeve — and you’re Lansdale. As for the murderous hand? Decorative hands run cheap at Halloween stores. Just randomly place it on people’s back to get into the spirit of the character.
Cost: $15 at the Halloween store.

Kane (John Hurt), Alien
alien-john-hurt.jpgYou love Alien, don’t you? But crafting a costume for the blood-dripping Alien is a daunting prospect. Ripley is awesome but boring. So show your love for the series while practicing frugality by dressing as Kane, who has an alien baby burst out of his chest and scurry away. To re-create: wear a white T-shirt, stuff some nylons into an alien form, draw a scary face on them, sew them to the chest of the shirt, slap some red paint on there, and throw yourself on the dinner table like nobody’s business.
Cost: $10 for a white T-shirt and $5 for nylons.

Dr. Robert “Rack” Hansen (William Shatner), Kingdom of the Spiders
kingdom-of-spiders-125.jpgIn case you aren’t familiar with this movie: spiders wreak havoc on a small town, killing and webbing everything and totally kicking humanity’s ass. If you need a quick-fix costume, then spend Halloween as one of the poor defeated humans by picking up some fake webbing and a bag of fake spiders, then wrapping yourself up. Bonus: you’re not just anyone — you’re roguish veterinarian Rack Hansen, played by none other than Shatner. So don’t forget your handsome face.
Cost: $20 for webbing and spiders.

Donna Trenton (Dee Wallace), Cujo
cujo-dee-wallace.jpgNo, I’m not going to tell you to dress up as the titular rabid dog. Who wants to be a rabid dog, titular or otherwise? Instead, dress up as the hapless Trenton, who finds herself stranded in a car with Cujo frothing outside. How to pull it off? Simply put on a dress and sit in your car. Done. Of course, the money you’ve saved on the costume may be spent in tears of loneliness, but that’s your problem.
Cost: Free for women; for men, $25 for a dress at thrift a store.

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