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Romero, Kubrick, Carpenter? Which Director Is the Most Evil Genius of AMC Fearfest?

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You’ve already started selecting the winners of the AMC Fearfest Awards for the Scream Queen and Bleeding Man categories, but now the time has come to train your focus behind the camera, to the evil geniuses who direct Night of the Living Dead, Halloween, and The Shining. Of course, the directors of these movies are men who need no introduction to horror fans: George A. Romero, John Carpenter, and Stanley Kubrick.

Romero is a true horror legend is the man who made zombies cool with Night of the Living Dead. Carpenter did the same for the slasher flick, setting the stage for decades of imitators with the terrifying Halloween. And Kubrick, while best known outside the horror genre, created one of the truly memorable flicks of any directing The Shining. You can also cast your vote for Francis Ford Coppola (Dracula) or Oscar-winner Danny Boyle (28 Days Later…). And what would an award for directing even be without James Cameron (Aliens) in the mix?

You have until the time AMC Fearfest wraps up (on Oct. 31, at 10PM | 9C, with the premiere of The Walking Dead) to cast your vote to decide which man behind the camera truly deserves to be called Evil Genius.


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