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Jodie Foster’s Bravest Roles

Take one look at Jodie Foster, and you’ll probably see what’s been apparent since she burst onto the scene in the seventies: angelic good looks coupled with stand-tall bravery, a combination that lends itself to some of the best tough-gal roles the big screen has ever seen. Foster’s first major role, as a preteen prostitute in Taxi Driver, required bravery for the 14-year-old actress and the character alike. It wasn’t the last time the gutsy actress would take on a gutsy role, playing a gutsy character who (for the most part) uses her courage to do good in the world. So how would you rank Foster’s bravest moments by the fist? One fist for Foster equals brave-chick lite. Five fists? Stay on her good side.


Jodie Foster is AMC’s Hollywood Icon for September. Watch her in Maverick, Inside Man, and The Silence of the Lambs all month.

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