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Got An Appetite for Even More Mad Max? You’ve Come to the Right Place

AMC Can’t Get Enough Mad Max may be over, but that doesn’t mean there’s still not ample reason to love the sci-fi classics. To name a few: awesome battles, amazing outfits, crazy car chases, the Thunderdome, and Tina Turner. This Saturday, AMC gives you another chance to check out all three movies with Maximum Max, a Mad Max marathon. But before (or after) you watch Mel Gibson battle on the outback, in the Thunderdome, or on the road, check out the following.

An Ultimate Fan Quiz on the entire franchise
A Mad Max Ultimate Fan Quiz
A Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Ultimate Fan Quiz
A Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome Ultimate Fan Quiz
A photo gallery on the unique fashions of the Mad Max trilogy

The Maximum Max marathon starts on Sat., Sep. 25, at 6PM | 5C.

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