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Opening Night – ABC News Anchor Diane Sawyer Makes a Bathroom Cameo in The Switch

According the ABC News Web site, World News anchor Diane Sawyer is considered “one of the most respected journalists in the world. She has traveled the globe delivering in-depth and breaking news reports and has conducted interviews with almost every major news-maker of our time.”

Sure, she has an impressive résumé. Over the years Sawyer has won DuPont, Emmy, and Peabody awards, been inducted into the Television Academy Hall of Fame, was a member of the 1974-1975 Nixon-Ford transition, and conducted the infamous “Crack is whack!” interview with singer Whitney Houston. But there’s another well-deserved (albeit under-the-radar) credit she’s also garnered over the years: a lot of guys think she’s hot. Want proof? Look no further than a pivotal scene in the new Jennifer Aniston-Jason Bateman dramedy, The Switch.

In the film, during a party that Aniston’s character, Kassie, throws to celebrate her eventual artificial insemination, her best friend Wally (Bateman) drinks too much, drops the cup of soon-to-be-inseminated sperm in the bathroom sink, and realizes he will have to quickly refill it with his own “contribution” so that no one will ever know.

While thumbing through a stack of magazines for some “inspiration” to accomplish the deed, Wally comes across a photo of Sawyer on the cover of “New York” magazine and BAM! — Sawyer saves the day (and sets in motion a major plot point in the film). In our AMC News interview with Bateman and Aniston in Beverly Hills, both stars tried their best to artfully describe Sawyer’s “cameo” in the film and how important she is to the story.

Sawyer was a good sport about the scene, having given filmmakers her permission to use the photo (it helped that she’s friends with Aniston). According to the movie’s co-director Josh Gordon, in an interview with NBC Los Angeles blog PopcornBiz, “…she got the joke. She was very game.”

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