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Opening Night – Bateman and Aniston Aim to Make The Switch to Directing Feature Films

Both stars of The Switch, Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, have had similar career paths over the years. They got their breaks on network sitcoms — Bateman with Silver Spoons in 1982; Aniston, twelve years later, in Friends — and both eventually left television and found success acting in movies. And now, as they told AMC News recently, they both want to step behind the scenes and direct a feature film.

Aniston has been in the director’s chair before. In 2006, she co-directed a short film, Room 10, as part of Glamour magazine’s award-winning series Glamour Reel Moments. The short starred Robin Wright as a nurse who reexamines her failing marriage after spending time with her patient. The film also starred actor and musician Kris Kristofferson.

Aniston’s Switch co-star Jason Bateman made history at the age of eighteen as the youngest member inducted into the Directors Guild of America when he directed three episodes of his network sitcom The Hogan Family. Since then he’s directed a number of sitcom episodes including Arrested Development in which he also starred as Michael Bluth.

When AMC News asked both stars what their next directing gigs would be, Aniston replied that she may working with cable television network Lifetime on a small project. Bateman said about directing, “I would do that full-time if I could,” adding that he wants to get a few more films under his belt before he’s earned enough Hollywood capital on-screen to helm a feature film.

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