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Opening Night – Julia Roberts’s Growing Family a Factor in Her Joining Eat Pray Love

The last decade was a good one, professionally, for actress Julia Roberts. During that time, she co-starred in a number of successful films, including Ocean’s Eleven, Charlie Wilson’s War, and Valentine’s Day. But, surprisingly, none of her projects in the past ten years has rested on her shoulders. She’s chosen films that have been team efforts, instead of starring in vehicles like 2000’s Erin Brockovich, for which she won an Oscar.

Eat Pray Love reverses that pattern, marking Roberts’s return to a headlining role in a character-driven drama. The film, co-written and directed by Glee creator Ryan Murphy, is based on the global best-selling travel memoir by writer Elizabeth Gilbert. In the film, Roberts portrays Gilbert, whose marriage has ended, leaving her with a growing sense of ennui that she attempts to remedy with a yearlong trip around the world. It’s an epic story revolving around one woman’s transformation — and Roberts is in every scene, which is a big change from her recent ensemble projects.

Roberts told AMC News that the “team efforts” she’s co-starred in over the last ten years have been fun and that she’s especially enjoyed working and traveling around the globe with “my boys” (i.e. Clooney, Pitt, Damon). But when an actor takes the lead in a starring vehicle it can require a lengthy time commitment, and nowadays, Roberts said, she has a growing family to consider when choosing movie roles, “I have three kids, so there’s a lot more that factors into it than “‘What do I think?’, ‘What do I want to do?’, ‘Where do I want to spend the next three months?’ It’s a different decision.”

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