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The Dead of The Sixth Sense and Ghost Are No Monsters – Which Dead Character Rules?

In movies, zombies and vampires get all the attention when it comes to the dead (or undead, to be exact). Yet some of the most memorably expired characters are those who try to improve the lives of the living, not end them. In Ghost, Sam (Patrick Swayze) sticks around in the corporeal world to protect his true love (Demi Moore) from the thug who killed him. Bruce Willis might not know he’s dead in The Sixth Sense, but he’s still a pretty good guy, helping a defenseless child and all. In Always, a deceased Pete Sandich (Richard Dreyfuss) helps his still-living love interest find a new flame. Then, of course, there’s the Ghost of Christmas Present (Carol Kane) in Scrooged, who transforms Frank (Bill Murray) from a miser to a saint. Which dead, but supportive, movie characters would you want haunting you?


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