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Steven Seagal and Bruce Lee Chop Toward Victory in a Tourney of Movie Martial Artists

They hail from different continents, fight in different styles, and star in different movies, but the greatest movie martial artists have one thing in common: they all have the moves to fight any opponent. There’s Steven Seagal and his patented aikido style of martial arts. Then there’s Jean-Claude Van Damme, whose high kick could make Olympic gymnasts jealous. Or Jet Li, who was so talented as a teen that he retired from competition at 17. And of course Bruce Lee immediately comes to mind for good reason: he pretty much laid the foundation for all the chopping, swinging, and blocking drama of big-screen martial-arts stories. But those who came along after him give him a serious run for his money. Competition is tight, but whose moves are enough for the final takedown?


Check out Seagal in On Deadly Ground, on Wed., Aug. 11, at 8PM | 7C, and Thu., Aug. 12, at 6PM | 5C.

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