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The Duke Isn’t Just Heading West, He’s Going All the Way to Alaska


Arguably Hollywood’s most quintessential cowboy, John Wayne always seems to be heading somewhere on horseback in the movies. He was galloping through Newton, Mississippi in The Horse Soldiers and Fort Smith, Arkansas in True Grit. But where else did he make cinematic pitstops and just how far West in the American West did he actually go? Following his trail makes for a pretty great journey when you think about it. This Saturday, spend the day seeing the country with The Duke during the first of this month’s four John Wayne Saturdays, which kicks off on Sat., Aug. 7 @ 10:15AM | 9:15C. For virtual prep, take a look at one possible summer vacation itinerary we’re calling the John Wayne Western Road Trip.


Catch John Wayne Saturdays, all day tomorrow, starting with The Shepherd of the Hills, on Aug. 7 @ 10:15AM | 9:15C.

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