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The Little Giants and Rudy‘s Fighting Irish Kick Off a Tourney of Movie Football Teams

Sad that the summer’s coming to an end? Then you’re forgetting the best part of fall: football season’s here! While preseason excitement picks up, take a moment to behold classic football movies, which offer a caliber of drama that even Brett Favre’s story has yet to achieve. The teams in the movies make your Cowboys (or Packers or Eagles or Patriots) look like a bunch of wimps. The Permian High Panthers of Friday Night Lights have the morale of an entire down-on-its-luck Texas town riding on its shoulders. The Little Giants are a ragtag bunch who give your bigger, better-trained opponents hell. The Titans of Remember the Titans fight for the last tackle and social justice. And Rudy has a diminutive inspiration that can bring tears to an entire stadium’s eyes, when he’s tackling a guy twice his size. Get ready to take to the turf. It’s time to decide which movie football team rules the gridiron. Tackles welcome.


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