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There’s No Wrong Answer When You’re Choosing Between Rambo Movies


For many people, picking between Rambo movies is like picking between children. Sure, you might have a favorite in reality, but you keep it to yourself and pretend you like them all equally. Besides, you might like one more than the other, but you love them all the same, because each one has unique qualities that makes it great. First Blood is more drama than action flick and brings home the real angst of many Vietnam veterans. First Blood Part II is the ultimate revenge flick, as Rambo returns to Vietnam. Rambo III raises the violence to a whole new level, and Rambo is a rare treat, like a reunion tour of your favorite band. So which one do you like the most? (We won’t tell.)

Watch First Blood tonight, Wednesday, June 23, at 8PM | 7C, and First Blood Part II, at 10PM | 9C.


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