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Mel Brooks Works Miracles by Making Hitler and Darth Vader Seem Hilarious

There are supposed to be certain subjects that are off-limits. Among things that fall into that category are Hitler and Nazis, in general. The twentieth century’s most notorious evil seems anything but funny, until Mel Brooks gets his claws around it. Then Nazis sing, dance, and elicit laughs from everyone. But the musical love of Franz Liebkind (Kenneth Mars) for the Führer, in The Producers, is just one of Brooks’s classic gags. There are aroused eunuchs (History of the World: Part I), a circumcision-boosting rabbi (Robin Hood: Men in Tights), and more Nazis (To Be or Not to Be). Take a look at ten of Brooks’s most outrageous gags.


Watch a Mel Brooks marathon tomorrow, Sunday, June 20, starting with History of the World: Part I, at 11AM | 10C; Blazing Saddles, at 1PM | noon; and Spaceballs, at 3PM | 2C.

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