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Violence Ranks High for Gangs of New York and Anchorman

The best movie-gang fights are not the biggest or the bloodiest. They’re the ones with the most iconic brawlers. Bill the Butcher, the mustachioed villain of Gangs of New York, is the picture of evil. He literally keeps a cleaver on his body when he battles the the Leonardo DiCaprio-led Irish Dead Rabbits in a fight so gruesome that only a full-on war (civil war, to be exact) can interrupt. In Anchorman, Will Ferrell and company face off with other news teams in a mêlée of classy sideburns and pressed suits. Their weapons of choice? A magnificent hodgepodge of anachronistic weapons: tridents, scimitars, even a hand grenade. And in Mad Max, Mel Gibson cuts a mighty silhouette as a leather-clad avenger who picks off the Toecutter’s gang one by one, shotgun in hand. There’s a lot of glorious battling to go around, so which rumbles rank highest for you?


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