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Rooster Cogburn and Ethan Edwards Duke It Out in an All-John Wayne Throw Down


John Wayne’s enemies presented a motley, challenging crew: drunken scoundrels, murderous villains, Apache warriors, and invaders on all other fronts made his job as the big screen’s most famous Western star a very busy one. Unfortunately for him, his battles don’t end there. Now it’s time for him to duke it out with himself in an ultimate showdown of his roles. He’s played a fugitive (Stagecoach), a ruffian (True Grit), a Civil War veteran (The Searchers), a sheriff (Rio Bravo), a gunfighter (The Shootist), and a soldier you may have heard of with the name Davy Crockett (The Alamo), each role tougher than the last. But which stoic, courageous, tell-it-like-it-is Wayne role can outshoot the rest? Vote now to decide.


This Fourth of July weekend, see Wayne at his toughest, in the John Wayne All-American-Hero Marathon on AMC.

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