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What Do Tron and Postal Have in Common? Some of the Sickest Action Scenes in Video Game Moviedom

Let’s face it: if you’re watching a
movie based on a video game, you’re probably not watching it for its
allegorical subtext or its nuanced acting. You’re watching it for
action — big, explosive, silly action. With that in mind, we’ve assembled a
list of our ten favorite action scenes from video-game movies. Ranging
from the spectacular to the so-silly-they’re-awesome, these action
scenes will make you wonder why you ever bothered sitting through all
that silly exposition.

10. Reno and Rude vs. Yazoo and Loz, Final
Fantasy VII: Advent Children

Possibly the only fight in Advent
‘s 100-minute running time with even a hint of dramatic
tension, this fight between two pairs of secondary characters is way
more entertaining than it really has any right to be. Up until the
point Reno and Yazoo cross paths, every fight scene has taken place
between characters the audience knows cannot possibly be killed.
Reno and Rude, on the other hand? They’re nobodies. They’re comic-relief characters with no real fighting skill and absolutely
zero relevance to the plot, which makes their fight against
Sephiroth’s children — dare I say it — suspenseful? For Advent
, that’s a pretty big deal.

9. Guile vs. Bison, Street

The climax to this
so-bad-it’s-incredible film encapsulates everything wonderful about
the 90 minutes that preceded it. In the span of five minutes,
we’re given an extreme close-up on Jean-Claude Van Damme’s biceps
(complete with temporary American-flag tattoo), no less than three
different fighting moves ripped directly from the Street Fighter II
arcade game, and the image of Raul Julia flying through the air on
wires, fist thrust in front of him like a dime-store Superman. And did
we mention that Bison’s last words are ripped directly from “Paradise
Lost”? What’s not to love?

8. The FPS sequence, Doom

Say what you will about the rest of the
film, but hell if the single-take first-person-perspective action
sequence that kick-starts the film’s third act isn’t a shamelessly
entertaining bit of fan service. Not content to merely emulate the
plot of the original Doom game (which boiled down to this: demons are
on Mars — kill them), this scene also takes place from the same
point of view that characterizes most action video games — which is
to say that the camera is inside the protagonist’s head. The scene has no
relevance to the overall plot, of course, but it’s a lot
of fun to look at.

7. The worst gunfight in cinema history, House of the Dead

Imagine, if you will, a gunfight that
lasts ten minutes. Even if you’re John Woo, ten minutes is a lot of
space to fill; there are, after all, only so many times you can show
your protagonist shooting a bunch of dudes before it gets old. To
make your ten-minute gunfight more bearable, might you break the
scene up into smaller scenes? Maybe add some dialogue to break up the
monotony of endless violence? Or would you repeat the same slow-motion shot over and over, with every single member of your
cast? If the last option seemed particularly alluring to you,
congratulations! You’re Uwe Boll, and your graveyard-gunfight scene
from House of the Dead was so offensively, hilariously bad that it
makes every single other movie gunfight look like the end of The Wild
, by comparison.

6. Jackie
Chan and Street Fighter, City

I was
going to put an actual fight scene from one of the Street Fighter II
anime flicks here, but to hell with it — this parody scene from a
relatively obscure Jackie Chan flick is way more entertaining.
Basically, Jackie and his two bumbling sidekicks get into a fight in
an arcade filled with nothing but Street Fighter II cabinets. Long
story short: Jackie Chan cross-dresses and fights like Chun-Li. All
you need to know, really.

5. Mewtwo kills a bunch of dudes, Pokémon: The First Movie

The opening scene of the first Pokémon
movie is noteworthy not because it’s particularly exciting or fun,
but because it depicts one of the first cases of actual murder in the
entire Pokémon franchise. Where the game and TV show were content to
base most of their drama around the relatively harmless concept of
Pokémon fights (wherein the loser can only faint, never die), The
First Movie
opens with a genetically engineered Pokémon named Mewtwo
blowing up a lab and, presumably, all of the innocent scientists
inside. Though the scene is relatively bloodless, it’s stll a
surprisingly brutal opening for a film otherwise concerned with
showing cute animals doing cute things.

4. The Oktoberfest massacre, Postal

Yes, this scene of the film depicts
about six different cases of child murder in ways that are neither
particularly funny, nor particularly interesting. Yes, the scene has
nothing to do with anything else in the movie. That said, however,
the Oktoberfest massacre is worth watching for one very, very
specific reason: it ends with director Uwe Boll getting shot in the

Say what you want about the rest of the
flick, but that one moment is pretty much pure bliss.

3. The Death Blossom, The Last Starfighter

There’s something unpretentiously cool
about the idea of hitting a single button, and watching as every bad
guy in a five mile radius dies instantaneously. That’s what the final
action scene of The Last Starfighter offers us. Outgunned and out of
ammo, our heroes have no choice but to press the big Deus Ex Machina
button we’ve been warned about since the film’s halfway point: a
button whose attack is so awesome, and so dangerous, and so effective
at killing every baddie in the film without exposing our heroes to
danger, that it couldn’t possibly be used until the last five minutes
of the movie.

2. Light cycles, Tron

Come on, now: you don’t REALLY need me
to explain why light cycles are cool, right? While some of Tron’s
smaller set pieces haven’t aged particularly well (the frisbee fights
aren’t anywhere near as awesome as you might remember), the light
cycle scenes still stand up today. Fast, pretty, and exciting, the
light cycle races encapsulate everything cool about Tron, without any
of the not-so-cool stuff (the Alan-Kevin-Lora love triangle also
isn’t as awesome as you remember).

1. The laser corridor, Resident Evil

Despite the fact that Resident Evil is
a zombie movie where only one of the characters gets killed by
zombies and where the zombies themselves don’t show up until the
forty minute mark, it has to be said that the film’s first major
action scene – wherein seventy-five percent of the cast is trapped
inside a corridor filled with flesh-cutting lasers – is
surprisingly ballsy. Rather than have zombies pick the cast off one
by one throughout the film, director Paul WS Anderson decides
(seemingly out of a sadistic whimsy) to dismember, decapitate, and
otherwise destroy the vast majority of the characters in the span of
about forty seconds.

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