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The Movie List – Top Five New York Stories

New York, New York. If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere — and Hollywood keeps making it there over and over again. With its famous landmarks and crowded streets, New York City can’t help but be an omnipresent co-star in all films set there. Tonight The Movie List counts down the top five New York stories.


5. Ghostbusters – Bill Murray, Harold Ramis and Dan Aykroyd crusade against Big Apple’s foulest ghouls in Ivan Reitman’s hilarious 1984 smash hit.

4. Do the Right Thing – Inspired by real events, Spike Lee’s controversial Bed-Stuy tale takes place on one sizzling summer day on one Brooklyn block.

3. Saturday Night Fever – This gritty ’70s story about disco-dancing Tony Manero turned out to be an unexpected hit, launching the movie career of John Travolta and forever defining the disco era.

2. Annie Hall – Originally a murder mystery, Woody Allen remade his script into the quintessential neurotic New York romantic comedy, starring himself and muse Diane Keaton.

1. Wall Street – Oliver Stone’s cautionary tale was meant to condemn Wall Street excess, but many say it made greed look sexy. Thanks a lot, Michael Douglas.


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