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Kirk? Picard? Spock? Who Should Lead the Star Trek Dream Team?

Eleven movies into the Star Trek franchise, many an officer has served aboard the fabled USS Enterprise. With further in-theater adventures imminent, and thus more mortal peril for the crew and the universe, it’s not an unreasonable time to ask who would make up an Enterprise dream team. Which crew members are the best of the best? No doubt Trekkies of far greater credentials can — and will — debate this issue to no end, but what follows is just one attempt to hash out the best of the best when it comes to Star Trek crew members.

Commanding Officer: Admiral James T. Kirk
captain-kirk-trek-125.jpgThere can be no doubt as to who you want leading your expeditions into dangerous territory. Fans of Captain Picard will protest, but Kirk has the space-cowboy credentials and the badass attitude to be your fearless leader. He’s a fighter — not to mention a lover — who will go any length to serve his mission and protect his crew and friends. Kirk’s a soldier and rebel at heart, and, for that reason, you wouldn’t want anyone else sharing a foxhole — or the bridge, as it were — with you.

Executive First Officer: Captain Spock
spock-125.jpg Surely, if Picard isn’t in charge, The Next Generation fanatics must think, than at least he’s got to be second in command, right? Nope. What would Kirk be without Spock, his trusty and highly logical partner in crime? Spock’s courageous, brilliant, and logical (making him a great complement to the emotional Kirk). The need for someone to sacrifice himself often comes up, and, owing to that aforementioned courage and logic, Spock will do it! In the Trekkie hierarchy, only Kirk surpasses Spock.

Second Officer: Captain Jean-Luc Picard
picard-star-trek-125.jpgTrekkies will shake their heads at the idea of two leaders serving together, let alone cool-as-a-cucumber Picard serving under hothead Kirk. As to the first point, in the most recent Star Trek flick (2009), there were about eight former, current, and future captains serving at once. As to the second quibble, with his unflappable demeanor, no leader is better suited to reluinqishing leadership for the good of the team. Most importantly, relax — this whole thing is imaginary!

Chief Engineer: Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge
la-forge-star-trek-125.jpgApologies to Scotty — and, yes, losing the phrase “Beam me up, Scotty” is tragic — but La Forge gets the nod. Why? Well, the sweet visor doesn’t hurt. Nor does his ability to overcome obstacles — you know, like being blind. Mostly it’s owing to his unerring belief in the power of technology and his ability to master it. In First Contact, he was able to remember a ship’s design from memory! You’ll need that skill-set when faced with lethal technical malfunctions in space.

Chief Medical Officer: Doctor Leonard McCoy
mccoy-star-trek-125.jpgKnown by the great nickname “Bones,” McCoy is composed in any medical emergency. Not only does he have the ability, seemingly, to heal any wound or injury, but he’s a faithful friend to Kirk, leader of our imaginary voyage. Bones can also dish out a wound or two, in addition to fixing them. When it comes down to it, Bones is willing to fight the strong, as well as heal the weak. Plus, his oft-imitated catchphrase, “I’m a doctor!,” is an essential part of any voyage to space.

Helmsman: Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu
sulu-star-trek-125.jpgHelmsman may sound like the job you settle for after your dreams of becoming an officer have been dashed, but, in fact, it’s a crucial role. For all the Trek laypeople out there, it’s actually the guy manning the helm: so it’s pretty much the pilot of a massive spaceship. Pretty important, no? So rather than entrust that role to any old driver, go with Mr. Sulu, a confidant of Kirk and a helsman so able that in Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country, he gets his own ship!

Communications Officer: Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
uhara.jpgFor the record, this pick is the alternate-reality version of Uhura created in 2009’s Star Trek. Why? Well, she’s proficient in over 80 percent of languages and her character gets a mental and physical toughness that just wasn’t present in the original version. Plus, well, have you seen her? Uhura definitely ranks as the number one babe in the universe. Kirk will need someone to work his wiles on during the long journey — though we know she has eyes only for Spock.

Security Chief: Lieutenant Commander Worf
worf-125.jpgEvery ship needs muscle, and Worf has more than enough muscle — as well as resolve and thick skin (literal and metaphorical) — for the whole crew. Like Spock, Worf is an ideal member of a crew exploring alien worlds because he’s been an alien all his life. As a Klingon raised by, and working among, men, Worf is able to straddle two worlds that are often at war. Plus did you notice how big and scary he is? Just look at the guy. Would you mess with a Klingon warrior?

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