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Some Aliens — Like Superman — Really Do Come in Peace

When we finally meet our neighbors from space, there’s no telling how it’ll go. Some extraterrestrials come armed with lasers and schemes to wipe out humanity; some are a bit tamer. Sometimes, they even want to protect humanity. The best example? American’s most beloved patriot and hero, Superman. The Man of Steel definitely comes in peace — and, in Superman II, even fights off alien invaders for our sake. Now that’s one awesome alien! Some other invaders? Not so much. The following five rendezvous with guests from outer space may be unforgettable, but there are many others to choose from. Check them out, then rank your favorites!

5. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial – Some aliens eat humans; others eat M&M’s. Steven Spielberg’s pint-size candy guzzler finds his way home with help from Henry Thomas and Drew Barrymore.

4. Avatar – The lanky blue aliens are the good guys in James Cameron’s epic, which cost $280 million to make — probably the same cost as an actual alien ship.

3. Superman – Though he’s known more as a hero than an alien, Superman is definitely of another world. One thing’s for sure: he’d win an alien beauty-contest any day.

2. Alien – These Ridley Scott aliens are so alarming that one of the film’s designers was held at an airport for carrying drawings of the creatures.

1. Close Encounters of the Third Kind – Spielberg sure likes friendly aliens: these ones are so welcoming that Richard Dreyfuss decides to permanently join them aboard their mother ship.


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