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They’re Lovable, Rude, and Sometimes Half-Human – John Candy’s Greatest Roles

Whether he’s a traveling salesman (Planes, Trains & Automobiles) or sporting dog ears (Spaceballs), it’s simply impossible not to like John Candy. Something about his guileless face and warm demeanor makes him easy to root for. In Planes, Trains & Automobiles, his good nature eventually wins out over the irritable Steve Martin, and in Uncle Buck his friendliness earns the trust of his skeptical nieces and nephew. Then there’s his furry mawg (half-man, half-dog), in Spaceballs — just plain lovable, disgusting eating habits and all. His characters are never perfect — in real life, you’d probably do your best to avoid people like them — but, when it’s Candy, you can’t help but give them a break. Which of Candy’s comedies are your favorites?


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