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Muscles Bulge and Tempers Boil in a Tourney of Stallone’s Toughest Roles


When it comes to being a badass, who can match Sylvester Stallone? He’s done it all, as a Vietnam vet bent on revenge (Rambo), a boxer from the gritty streets of Philadelphia (Rocky), and a fearless mountain climber (Cliffhanger). For the Italian stallion to battle anyone else would hardly be fair, so we’ve pitted his toughest characters against each other! Can Rambo go the distance in the ring against Rocky? Is John Spartan man enough to battle Judge Dredd? Which Stallone role is mightiest of them all?


Check out First Blood playing tonight, Mon., Apr. 26 @ 8PM | 7C and Rambo: First Blood Part II playing tonight @ 10PM | 9C.

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