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Daily Scan for 02.17.10 – Sarsgaard Talks Lantern Villain, Death Race Gets Sequel


• Peter Sarsgaard talks to SciFi Wire about what it takes to be Green Lantern‘s hydrocephalic, telepathic super-nemesis.

Death Race is getting a sequel… starring Ving Rhames as Rupert Murdoch?

• Luc Besson’s next movie will be a 3D scifi actioner called Section 8.

• James Cameron has spoken to Mark Webb about his upcoming 3D Spider-Man movie.

• A charming trailer for a short flick about two children who pilot a robot squid around Canada.

• The biomechanical glory of this welded, machine-sculpted Alien Queen is something to behold.

Lightsaber chopsticks seem like a great idea… until they casually slice your sushi in half.

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