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Daily Scan for 02.12.10 – Escape Remake Is Back, Terminator Writer Wants Another Shot


SciFi Wire lists fourteen of the goriest, most heart-ripping scenes to get you in the mood for Valentine’s Day.

• And on that note, more St. Valentine’s Day list-making: Screwtopia! The five types of erotic dystopia in science fiction.

Dune’s new director tells his new screenwriter, Chase Palmer, to stick to the book, stupid.

• It looks like the Escape from New York remake is a go again, thanks to a rewrite from Alan Loeb that reportedly has much better Snake Plisskin one-liners.

• The original screenwriter of Terminators 1 and 2 wants to take a crack at 5 and 6.

io9 lists the ten most epic love stories in scifi. Kudos on the Farscape pick, guys.

• What do you do if you’re an avid scifi fan with nothing but money to burn? Create some of the coolest scifi home theaters this side of Alderaan.

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