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Daily Scan for 02.10.10 – Nolan Mentors Superman, Robbins Joins Green Lantern


• Spike Jonze’s strange, weird and sad robot movie, I’m Here, gets a website.

• The latest B-Minus-list celebrity to join Ryan Reynolds’ Green Lantern: Tim Robbins as a totally new character who has never appeared in any of the comics.

• The Terminator franchise has been slurped up by a hedge fund. Well, they can’t possibly do worse with the property than McG did with Terminator Salvation.

• Speak of the Devil, now that the execrable McG has been kicked off the Captain Nemo movie, Sam Raimi has some exciting ideas.

• Warner Bros. has asked The Dark Knight director Christopher Nolan to mentor their upcoming Superman reboot. Can he do for Big Blue what he did for the Caped Crusader?

• Bruce Wayne returns to the DC universe as a caveman, a pirate and a pilgrim.

Star Wars re-imagined in origami through the medium of Paris Opera tickets.

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