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Daily Scan for 02.08.10 – Daredevil Gets Reboot, Gaiman Writes Doctor Who

45898763.JPG• The SciFi Writer’s Guild is not happy about Amazon’s latest game of chicken with Houghton Mifflin. I’m on their side, but I’m a non-Rand-eseque libertarian, so I do tend to believe the market should sort itself out.

• Disney is so happy with Tron Legacy that they are already planning a television series.

• This is getting a lot of news recognition, but it’s clear director Joe Johnston was winding people up: He says Captain America will start as a USO officer in the next movie.

• Neil Gaiman confirms he’s written an episode of Doctor Who.

• Oh dear. Daredevil is being rebooted… by the author of The Day the Earth Stood Still remake.

• The South Koreans loved Avatar so much they want to watch it in more than three dimensions.

io9 has some ideas on how DC could make a Watchmen 2.

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