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Flashback Five – The Best Kevin Costner Movies You’ve Never Seen


Kevin Costner is an interesting movie star. For a time, he was the biggest name in Hollywood, with mega hits like Bull Durham, Field of Dreams, and Dances With Wolves. And while he might not be as ubiquitous as he was way back then, he’s still churning out some interesting films that deserve a second — or first — look. Need a recommendation? You’re in luck!

1. The Company Men (2010)
Unless you were at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, you probably haven’t seen this downsizing drama. Costner co-stars as Ben Afflecks blue-collar brother-in-law, and turns in a low-key, restrained, and soulful performance. Put this one on your “to see” list.

2. Mr. Brooks (2007)
Though this split-personality thriller eventually topples under the weight of its own twists and sub-plots, the movie is anchored by a surprisingly different kind of performance from Costner. He plays a suburban psychopath in the American Psycho mold. The former Bull Durham star tweaks his squeaky clean image, and shows an intriguing darker side.

3. Waterworld (1995)
we’ve all heard of this one. But judging by the flick’s disastrous
box office numbers, no one actually saw it! Well, it’s kind of fun: Costner plays a fish-man who drinks his own pee! Sure, it’s a bit
too long but Costner’s vision of a world covered in water is original,
exciting, and way more fun than anyone gives it credit for.

4. A Perfect World (1993)
Sandwiched between mega-hits The Bodyguard and Wyatt Earp,
this intimate drama got lost in the shuffle.
Co-starring with Clint Eastwood, Costner plays an
escaped convict who ends up kidnapping, then bonding with a young boy.
Heartbreakingly sad, this is one of Costner’s best (and most underrated)

5. The Big Chill (1983)
If you’re wondering who Kevin Costner is in the seminal Baby Boomer
drama, I’ll give you a clue: He’s the most important character. That’s right, he’s Alex, the dead guy. And though flashback sequences
with Costner were cut before the theatrical release,
you can still catch a glimpse of him — as a corpse. There are no small parts, people!

Honorable Mentions:

1. The New Daughter (2009): This supernatural thriller in the vein of The Orphan and Pan’s Labyrinth stars Costner as a recently divorced father who may or may not be plagued by ghosts.

2. The Upside of Anger (2005):
Tweaking his own history, Costner headlines as an alcoholic former
ball-player trying to connect with the family of his new girlfriend.
Shades of an actor trying to reconnect with his audience?

3. Open Range (2003):
You’d think Costner’s return to directing and starring in Westerns
would be a bigger deal than it was… If you missed it, this movie is a
worthy addition to your Dances With Wolves and Wyatt Earp collection.

4. Testament (1983) – Costner turns in a touching performance as a father mourning the death of his child in this post-apocalyptic flick.

5. Night Shift (1982) –
Surely you remember Costner in his first big budget movie role, as
“Frat Boy #1,” don’t you? If not, go back and slowly forward through
the movie, because if you blink, you’ll miss it.


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