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Trailer of the Week – Sex and the City 2

The skyscrapers, the clothes, the “Carrie” puns…Sex and the City is back. (You can practically hear the squeals as Carrie emerges from her fancy apartment to the tune of that ubiquitous Alicia Keys “New York” song.) The first trailer gives fans brief snippets of what they want — the gang hanging out in the city (Samantha’s no longer in California), high fashion (they are all in a runway show for some reason), and the return of Mr. Big (Chris Noth) and the rest of the Sex men. Carrie’s (Sarah Jessica Parker) signature voiceover tells us that “amazing things” can happen in two years, perhaps to explain why Charlotte (Kristin Davis) is surrounded by cupcakes and a new young man for Samantha (Kim Cattrall). But why are they all in the desert? Will this outing be more like Sex and the Sand?

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