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Trailer of the Week – Inception

The long-awaited trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception has been released and — not surprisingly — it’s a doozy. While lacking the whiz-bang action of The Dark Knight, the first look at Inception offers some trippy special effects and a moody scifi world reminiscent of the director’s mind-bender The Prestige. The trailer begins with Leonardo DiCaprio telling us that “a single idea from the human mind can build cities.” (Cue Leo and Ellen Page watching a city literally fold in on itself.) We then learn that DiCaprio is going to steal this life-changing idea, which leads to a lot of explosions, conspiracy talk, and good old-fashioned car chases. While light on plot details, the Inception teaser offers plenty of gravity-defying action and thought-provoking ideas about human consciousness. Could Nolan have the next Matrix on his hands? Find out below.

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