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Trailer of the Week – The Karate Kid

From Ralph Macchio to Hilary Swank to…Will Smith’s son? Yes, Jaden Smith is the new Karate Kid. And this time, he’s trading the suburbs of California for the mean streets of Beijing. As soon as young Dre (what, no Daniel-San?) arrives in China, the bullies come out to knock over his lunch tray and throw books on the ground. (Bullies never change.) Luckily, Jackie Chan shows up (as Mr. Miyagi stand-in Mr. Han) to teach him how kick butt — in a non-violent manner of course. While, “jacket on/jacket off” is no “wax on/wax off,” Chan does try to catch a fly with chopsticks. Otherwise, this new Karate Kid barely measures to the original. What do you think?

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