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The Newsdesk 01.21.09 – Ryan Reynolds Gets Buried; Sundance Films to Screen on YouTube

The Sundance Film Festival and YouTube struck a pay-per-view deal allowing for select festival films to be shown for a limited time on the popular video site. But will YouTubers be able to pull themselves away from funny cat videos and bootlegged Tonight Show clips?

• The Coen brothers True Grit remake will be released on Christmas Day. Nothing like a little quirky Coen brothers violence for the holidays.

• The first teaser trailer for Buried, a thriller consisting entirely of Ryan Reynolds trapped in a coffin, has been released. This one should be a treat for Reynolds fans. For everyone else, it could get a tad claustrophobic.

• The midnight screenings at the Sundance Film Festival are getting special attention this year, thanks to the surprise success of Paranormal Activity. So look for a lot of shaky, handheld indies set in one room to get snatched up for exorbitant sums.

• Warner Bros. will decide in the next ten days whether Clash of the Titans will be released in 3D. And thus, the Gods will decide the movie’s fate. The Gods of marketing and distribution, that is.   

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