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Opening Night – Youth in Revolt Director Claims Michael Cera Wreaked Havoc on Set

For Youth In Revolt, director Miguel Arteta had to turn a 500-page novel by C. D. Payne into an hour and a half movie. Michael Cera
stars as Nick Twisp, a 16-year-old who meets the girl of his dreams,
Sheeni Saunders (played by Portia Doubleday in her first feature film
role), only to have her slip away. He turns to the dark side to get
her back, and as he does so we meet a wild cast of characters that
includes Fred Willard, Jean Smart, Steve Buscemi, Justin Long and Zach
Galifianakis. At the premiere in Los Angeles (which we
live-tweeted on the AMC News Twitter account), I talked with the cast and director
Arteta about making this movie happen, why it attracted such a
big cast, and how the crazy story may or may not remind some of the
cast members about their own years as a teenager. Watch my Opening
Night report for more.

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