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Now or Then – Looking Back at the Movies of 2009

Are movies better than they used to be? The jury’s still out, but each week of 2009, Now or Then’s James Rocchi and Bilge Ebiri compared a current box-office release with a movie from the past then asked you, the reader, to vote on which movie was better. These are the comparisons that elicited the strongest reactions in 2009. Disagree with the stats? Click on the relevant link below. The polls are still open!

1. G.I. Joe or Team America: World Police (Current stats: 87% to 13%)
2. The Hangover or Old School (Current stats: 66% to 34%)
3. Public Enemies or The Untouchables (Current stats: 44% to 55%)
4. 2012 or The Day After Tomorrow  (Current stats: 55% to 45%)
5. Zombieland or Shaun of the Dead (Current stats: 34% to 66%)
6. Funny People or Happy Gilmore (Current stats: 35% to 64%)
7. Inglourious Basterds or Once Upon a Time in the West (Current stats: 42% to 58%)
8. Halloween 2 (2009) or Halloween II (1981) (Current stats: 30% to 70%)
9. Surrogates (2009) or Blade Runner (1982) (Current stats: 12% to 87%)
10. District 9 or Minority Report (Current stats: 62% to 38%)

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