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Horror Comics Get the Rock Star Treatment

The crossover between rock music and comics has been brewing for some time: Gerard Way of My Chemical Romance and Coheed, and Cambria front man Claudio Sanchez have penned acclaimed titles for Dark Horse and Evil Ink Comics. Anthrax’s Scott Ian recently spun a tale of cigar-chomping alien bounty hunter Lobo. Rockers love comics and now, three new musicians are bringing their perspective to the medium.

First up is Wire Hangers, a four-issue miniseries from IDW Publishing penned by Alan Robert, founding member of Life of Agony. The story, also drawn by Robert, involves a female reporter investigating a series of mysterious abductions in New York City. Could it be a government conspiracy? Fun fact: Robert studied cartooning under comic book great Walt Simonson, so he knows his stuff.

Who are the Revenants? That’s the question posed by Incarnate, created, written and drawn by Nick Simmons, son of Gene Simmons. The series follows Revenant Mot, who’s part of a group of immortal beings who hunger for human flesh. But when a secret society sets out to destroy the Revenants, Mot must decide whether he’s predator or prey. Here’s hoping Nick doesn’t include real blood in the comic, the way his pop did back in the ’70s.

Last up in our rockin’ comics countdown is I Am Become God. The Terminal Press series, based on a novel from Exodus vocalist Rob Dukes, takes its inspiration from Hindu culture. A dark coming-of-age story for the damned, I Am Become God explores adolescence, but with a healthy dose of blood and guts. 

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