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Having Steve Zahn Over for Movie Night? Here’s Your Lineup

Steve Zahn knows all about the battle between man and nature. Take a look through the Zahn filmography and you’ll encounter a recent star turn as a nature host in Strange Wilderness (2008), and another role in the action pic Sahara (2005) for which he braved the elements for real. Look further down the list, and you’ll see Zahn co-starred in the weather-based romantic comedy Forces of Nature (1999) while his earliest theatrical feature was called… Rain Without Thunder (1992)! Point being, if you want to talk to an actor about The Best Man vs. Nature Movies, you could do worse than Zahn. So we asked him. And he answered.

Steve Zahn’s Top Five Man vs. Nature Movies
1. Jeremiah Johnson
2. Never Cry Wolf
3. The Thin Red Line
4. Deliverance
5. Fitzcarraldo

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