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Flashback Five 2009 – Who Did You Love? Well, Bill Murray, for Starters


As your friendly Flashback Five team looks back on 2009, it’s become obvious that there are a few actors you, the readers, just can’t get enough of. (Traffic doesn’t lie!) The top five posts of the year all happen to have been pegged to some of Hollywood’s most beloved stars — four out of five of them focus on little-known gems that you might have missed — and you made your approval clear. Which Flashback Five columns were the most unmissable of the year? Read on…

1. The Best Bill Murray Movies You’ve Never Seen

2. The Best Arnold Schwarzenegger Movies You’ve Never Seen

3. The Ten Best Al Pacino Movies You’ve Never Seen

4. Farrah Fawcett’s Finest Movie Moments

5. The Best Julia Roberts Movies You’ve Never Seen

Is there an actor you’d like to see get the same treatment? Leave their name in the comments below!

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