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Daily Scan for 01.22.10 – Bridges Has Three Tron Roles, Ghostbusters 3 Could Be in 3D


• Gene Roddenberry had more ideas than he knew what to do with, and his estate has been making money turning them into new series for years: Here comes Questor, a show about an android looking for his creator.

MTV has some really intriguing new details about Tron Legacy, including news that Jeff Bridges plays three separate characters.

SciFi Wire has a strange and contentious list of television shows they think would generate good prequels.

Marketsaw says that Ghostbusters 3 could be shot in 3D. That actually sounds like one of the better properties to bring to 3D.

• Just what would the Earth look like if it had Saturn’s rings? Ethereally beautiful and otherworldly.

Iron Man 2 has its Assault Drones spoiled by adorable action figures!

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