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Daily Scan for 01.18.10 – Eli Beats Avatar, Cameron Shuns Spider-Man


For the first time since Avatar’s release, it has been beaten this weekend at the box office… by The Book of Eli.

• Even though it’s one of their biggest money makers for the last decade, Marvel is killing off all of its Avengers titles next year as part of the Siege event.

• Although four books have been announced and written, Pocket Books is holding off on four Star Trek novels this year until J.J. Abrams fills in more of the reboot’s backstory.

• James Cameron says he’s not interested in Spider-Man anymore, referring to the franchise as “sloppy seconds.”

• Is The Book of Eli just Zardoz for the 21st century?

Darth Vader and Daft Punk team up to hawk Adidas sneakers.

• Joss Whedon admits that Dollhouse is really over.

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