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Daily Scan for 01.11.10 – Star Trek 2 Gets Release Date, Avatar Gets Sequel


Avatar is now the second highest-grossing movie in box office history, second only to James Cameron’s other opus Titanic.

• Not so surprisingly, then, James Cameron has already confirmed an Avatar sequel.

• Now that Avatar’s unpresuming 3D has gone down so well, producers are talking about 3D-ing up the Matrix, Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies.

Star Trek 2 has a firm release date: July 4th, 2012.

• Blake Lively will play Green Lantern‘s love interest, Carol Ferris… the Star Sapphire herself.

• SciFi Squad’s list of top 10 scifi adaptations.

• ABC and Disney plan on continuing Lost, even without the show’s creators.

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