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Daily Scan for 01.07.09 – Robocop Is Delayed, Lost May Live On

phpThumb.jpegAvatar, Star Trek and District 9 are all vying for the best special effects Oscar, to the surprise of absolutely no one.

• Tony Stark might be working on some new armors in Iron Man 2, but they don’t have anything on the crazy designs coming out of the animated Iron Man Adventures.

• The new trailer for the Star Trek Online MMORPG makes it look like an excellent continuation of the spirit of the TNG universe… for better or worse.

Cinematical has some interesting theories on why Avatar is defying usual box office patterns and remaining more or less static in returns week after week. I know exactly why: repeat visits.

Lost‘s producers discuss the final season, explaining it might return as a franchise — although without them as the creative team behind it.

• Will Avatar’s success make the Aronofsky Robocop remake a 3D flick, or just delay it indefinitely?

• George Lucas goes on The Daily Show and says “Whatever” to critics of the prequel trilogy. Laughing all the way to the bank!

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