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Trailer of the Week – When in Rome

Is Kristen Bell the next Katherine Heigl? If the rom-com When in Rome is a hit, she just might be. The new trailer finds Bell in (you guessed it!) Rome for a wedding, where she meets Josh Duhamel’s swarthy dating columnist. The requisite “fish-out-of-water” gags occur (Bell has trouble with the traditional breaking of the wedding vase), but the former Veronica Mars star keeps the fairly stale proceedings alive with her peppy narration. But then… something weird happens: Bell takes some lucky coins from a magic fountain, and the next thing she knows, she’s being stalked by three wacky guys (played by Danny DeVito, Dax Shepard and Jon Heder) who want nothing more than to paint murals in her honor and take her on wild rides in tiny automobiles. Antics (of the heart) will no doubt ensue when When in Rome hits theaters in January. 

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