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Top Ten AMC News Text Interviews for 2009

Lovely ladies (Anne Heche, Carla Gugino) one-time child stars (Anna Chlumsky, Tom Felton) and numerous comics (Patton Oswalt, Bill Hader, Kevin McDonald)… AMC News talked to all of them in 2009. If traffic is any indicator, below are the interviews you found most riveting.

1. Director Tim Burton
“Sometimes it helps to doodle to spark something. That’s the great thing about the middle of the night. Then you get up and you go, “What the …?” (Read more.)

2. John Krasinski (Brief Interviews With Hideous Men)
“I wasn’t trying to be a director or a writer. But the book is so good, and I wanted people to know about this world that they were missing.” (Read more.)

3. Anne Heche (Spread)
“She doesn’t need men for much else than sex.” (Read more.)

4. Carla Gugino (Women in Trouble)
“Being pregnant is a really big thing for any women, but the fact that you’re a porn star adds complications.” (Read more.)

5. Patton Oswalt (The Fan)
You hope that the people you worship are basically good people, but… ” (Read more.)

6.  Tom Felton (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince)
“He’s a child, not like Harry, who has the foresight of someone more mature. Draco is still a little boy at heart.” (Read more.)

7. Bill Hader (Year One)
“I want people to figure out who I play, because I’m almost unrecognizable. I bet my sister she wouldn’t be able to tell who I was until I spoke.” (Read more.)

8. Byunghun Lee (G.I. Joe)
“In Korea, scifi is an unfamiliar genre. I’ve been acting realistic characters and realistic films. So I’m not used to this.” (Read more.)

9. Anna Chlumsky (In the Loop)
“… the way I act, you prepare a lot and then you kind of just let it go.” (Read more.)

10. Kevin McDonald (Kids in the Hall)
“The new KITH show is a miniseries — a comedy Roots if you will…  it’s sort of a comedy whodunit. Miss Marple meets Woody Allen.” (Read more.)

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