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The Newsdesk 12.29.09 – First Trailer for Nolan’s Inception; Avatar Breaks IMAX Records

• The first trailer for Christopher Nolan’s Inception, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, has been released. It’s anyone’s guess what it’s about. An inside tour of DiCaprio’s brain? A world where everyone moves in slow-motion, perhaps?

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen is officially the highest grossing movie of the year. The people have spoken, and they love Megan Fox and jokes about robot genitalia.

• Forks, Washington, the real life town that provides the setting for Twilight, is getting a reality series. They do know there aren’t actually vampires in Forks, right? It’s basically just like any other small town in America.

Avatar continues to break more and more IMAX records, and is on its way to being the highest-grossing IMAX film of all time. Sorry, T-Rex: Back to the Cretaceous.

• Peter Jackson’s The Lovely Bones won’t be released wide until mid-January. That should give the PR team time to recover from those less-than-stellar reviews

• The horror comic Night and Fog has been optioned for the big screen, The scifi/horror story is set during World War II and (presumably) features copious fog-related action.  

• Disney’s $4 billion acquisition of Marvel Entertainment is now complete. So it’s safe to say Punisher Meets Bambi is already in production.

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