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The Newsdesk 12.22.09 – Cruise and Diaz Pair Up in Knight & Day Trailer; Mo’Nique Turns Down NY Film Critics

• Mo’Nique will reportedly not be attending the New York Film Critics Awards next month. Apparently, she’s expecting to get paid for all her award show appearances. Come on Mo’Nique, we don’t get paid to sit through all three hours of the Oscars. The least you could do is show up.

• The new red band serious NSFW Kick-Ass trailer has been released. This movie really needs to be about Nic Cage and his assassin daughter. Every time the lead kid comes on screen, the action just dies.

• Cameron Diaz and Tom Cruise play secret agent in the Knight & Day trailer. It’s basically Mr. and Mrs. Smith meets Bird on a Wire meets any movie that is made to be watched on cable on a lazy Saturday afternoon.

• Word is the late Brittany Murphy was supposed to be in Happy Feet 2.

• Owen Wilson goes to the dogs in the Marmaduke teaser trailer. Who knew Marmaduke was a laid-back surfer dude?

• A California court denied Roman Polanski’s plea to have his 1978 rape case dismissed.  

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