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The Newsdesk 12.17.09 – Iron Man 2 Trailer Arrives; R.I.P. Roy Disney

• Box office pundits are predicting a debut on the level of Titanic for James Cameron’s Avatar. Yes, but Avatar lacks the one ingredient that made Titanic a colossal hit: Billy Zane. What? He was in the movie. Look it up.

• Roy Disney, nephew to Walt and longtime Disney animation executive, passed away at the age of 79.

Date Night costars Tina Fey and Steve Carell could reteam for Mail-Order Groom, a comedy about a woman who orders up a husband from Eastern Europe. Why are these two talented comedic actors saddled with a premise that Robin Williams would’ve turned down in 1985?

• The first Iron Man 2 trailer has finally premiered. All your favorites are here: Robert Downey Jr., War Machine, Yakov Smirnoff. What? That’s actually Mickey Rourke doing a heavy Russian accent? Uh oh.

Bryan Singer will return to the X-Men franchise with First Class,
a prequel that looks at the early years of the X-Men. Journey back to
the days when Wolverine just had a nasty set of fingernails.

• Word is Sam Raimi is butting heads with Sony over the direction of Spider-Man 4. He better not be lobbying for another dance sequence. 

• Even more Iron Man 2 photos have been released, in case you need more. Tony Stark sitting at a table! Ahhhhh!

Rene Russo will play Thor’s mother Frigga in the upcoming Marvel comic book movie. Was that just five comic book movie stories in a row? As Stan Lee would say, “Excelsior!”  

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