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The Newsdesk 12.02.09 – Precious Scores 5 Indie Spirit Noms; The Hobbit Delayed Until 2012

Precious and 500 Days of Summer are up for Best Feature in the just announced Independent Spirit Awards nominations. Can’t wait to see Mo’Nique mingling with Paul Giamatti. 

The first trailer for Crazy on the Outside, the directorial debut of Tim Allen has been released. Who knew we would ever live in a time where “Tim Allen, director” would be a real thing?

Twilight studio Summit Entertainment has optioned the spy comic book Alibi and the alien script The Invasion for the big screen. Wow, they went for teen-baiting genre stuff. Why not throw us all for a loop, Summit, and adapt The Fountainhead or something?

3D sequels for Jackass and Zombieland have been confirmed. Now “Zombie Jackass in 3D,” that would be a movie. 

• The first photo of Justin Timberlake in the Facebook movie The Social Network has been released. Isn’t he playing the Napster guy? That seems about right.

Peter Jackson confirmed that production will not start on The Hobbit
until at least next summer. They better get this thing out before the
world ends in two years. We have to find out how Bilbo gets to where we
already know he is in the The Lord of the Rings.   

• New images of Mickey Rourke as Whiplash, Black Widow and Tony Stark in Iron Man 2 have been released. You stopped reading at Black Widow, didn’t you? You’ve probably already clicked over.   

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