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Trailer of the Week – Salt

Is Angelina Jolie a Russian spy? That’s the question posed by the first trailer for Salt, director Phillip Noyce’s (Clear and Present Danger) summer movie spy thriller. Angelina goes blonde to play Evelyn Salt, a C.I.A. agent who isn’t what she seems. (Spoiler alert! She’s not actually blonde.) The trailer plays like your typical spy romp, with interrogations and flashing computer screens, until the big twist: Salt is a Russian spy. Or is she being set up? Suddenly we’re in high-octane action mode, with a now on-the-run Salt leaping from moving vehicles, blowing stuff up and pulling the old Mission: Impossible rubber mask trick. While Salt’s true identity remains in doubt, there’s no question the movie will offer speeding trains, kung-fu acrobatics and multiple tabloid-ready Angelina hairstyles.

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