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Movie History – Tim Dirks’ Top 25 Movies of the Past Decade

It’s always a bit overwhelming to contemplate a decade’s-worth of movies all in one fell swoop — particularly when trying to come up with a best-of list that includes a scant 25 movies. All of the choices on this list are exceptional examples of their genres, in terms of artistry, script, production values, direction, critical acclaim and entertainment value. Unique plot-twisting tales (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), audience-pleasing animations (Wall-E), smart R-rated comedies (The Hangover), and a controversial cowboy flick (Brokeback Mountain), among others, made the cut. The only eligibility requirement was that the choices had to be English-language movies, which unfortunately excluded a host of other deserving works. Vote for your favorites now! (Afterwards, leave your suggestions for movies to add in the comments section below.)


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